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Quirimbas Archipelago | Holiday & specials Mozambique

Once known as the Islands of Lazarus, the Quirimbas Archipelago is brimming with history - Arab trading posts and Portuguese trading routes dominated these seas many decades ago. More than 30 remote islands float in the translucent Indian Ocean off the coast of northern Mozambique close to Pemba – a diver’s and nature lover’s paradise. Appreciate almost surreal beauty when you book a special island holiday package to Ibo, Quilalea, Medjumbe or Vamizi Islands.

Ibo Seems Lost in Time

What a very special place is Ibo Island – of spectacular natural resources and sublime sunsets into deep blue seas. Ibo Island stands out because it supports a population of some 3 000 local people who are part of the island’s ancient history dating back to 600 AD when Arab traders arrived in Mozambique on ships to set up trading routes.

Quilalea – Isle of Baobabs

Wake up for a cup of steaming coffee and watch the sun rise out of the sea, crimson then golden. Serenity. Quilalea Island feels like your own private island and yet it is big enough if you really need to escape. Situated smack in the centre of the Quirimbas Archipelago Marine National Park, the island is dotted with amazing old Baobab trees.

Medjumbe - a Dot of Beauty

First-time visitors to Medjumbe Private Island are blown away by its size – it is literally a dot on the map surrounded by blue seas and nothingness. On a tiny piece of land measuring 1km x 500m, you are guaranteed one of your most romantic holidays ever.

For Deserted Island Chic - Vamizi

Imagine a place that is drenched in sunshine for most of the year and where clear blue seas lap forever quietly on white sands? This is Vamizi Island, so completely private it offers infinite solitude and connection to nature.